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Posted: 2014-02-14
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Training Course 23-29 May 2014 | Scotland, United Kingdom


This training course focuses on exploring the Key Competence “Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship” and provides space to understand why practicing entrepreneurial thinking and initiative-taking is becoming so crucial in our societies.

Supporting young people to be more entrepreneurial does not necessarily mean to raise a generation of business-oriented youth but - in general - to make young people more capable of turning their ideas into actions, being more creative and innovative and becoming more active in their communities by implementing their new project ideas. Young people are becoming more ready to take risks and develop their own innovative ideas - therefore we see the need to work on developing practical tools for, and approaches towards, working with this Key Competence. 

The main aim of this TC is to provide participants with space and tools to discover the competence from different angles, to clarify their own understanding of it and to equip them with practical tools and methods to work with when helping young people to explore their own sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.

“Enterprise – The Next Generation” is designed according to the following objectives:
• To gain a broader understanding of what a “sense of initiative and entrepreneurship” means
• To introduce new and innovative methods to work with in this area
• To explore ways to empower young people to be more active in their communities through
creative methodologies
• To gain skills and understanding of how to work on this competence with young people
• To share best practices and useful methods and to gain innovative ideas
• To discover opportunities for future co-operations and projects within Erasmus+ Youth in Action programme

After participation in this training course, participants will be able to work on the development of this competence with young people in their organisations. They will have a set of tools and methods to use as well as ideas on how to address this issue in their communities.
During the training course we will use different kinds of non-formal educational methods including indoor and outdoor training elements. We will look into the start-up sphere, the field of social innovations, social enterprise and other related fields and borrow some of the methods used in these areas to facilitate the creative process of finding the right entrepreneurial idea and developing projects.

We will support participants’ personal development through active learning methods.

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