Nataly Semerova: Dear people of Crimea..

Posted: 2014-02-28
Written by: EU Network
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Editor's note: Nataly is politology student in the Vilnius State Univercity, she shares her vision on Crimea..


Dear people of Crimea, who stand for Russian intervention and for secession of Crimea for the benefit of RF, I am appealing to you.

We have been living together for 23 years, peacefully, in a state, which might not have succeeded that much in economic and political sense, but we have made this country our homeland. We, Ukrainians from all over Ukraine, come to your blessed land in summer, bring our children to your kid-camps, make business with you – which means we live in trust and respect to you.
We always remember that you are the Autonomy with your own culture and traditions, which we enhance and support. If some foreigners come to Ukraine, we show them Sevastopil’ – a city of heroes, Simferopil’ – as a capital of your home, all the South Bank with its rich nature and kind people.


We welcome the community of Russian speaking citizens of Crimea to spread their culture, as well as Tatars' and other ethnicities’. We are aware that Russia is helping a lot in developing of Sevastopil', gives working places to its inhabitants. If its help is making your life better, wealthier or gives you and your kids more opportunities, we are positive about it either.

Today Ukraine, my and your Homeland, is on its way to better future. I can't tell you what exactly the future will bring, no one is to predict that, but I feel that days of FEAR are coming to an end: a fear that one will be imprisoned or killed for his beliefs, a fear to stand for yourself if not getting a salary on time, a fear of being hurt by the police, a fear of coming to a doctor because he will demand a bribe for the service, a fear of our children to cross the street because of willfulness of the drivers, the fear of not getting a place at uni or a job because of unfair competition. A lot, a lot of fears...

I know that life in Ukraine seems not that advanced when you get a higher salary from Russia or when Russia is paying you a pension. But talk to your relatives or friends in Russia, talk to the kids of theirs, try to analyze yourself, not only getting the "chewed food" from the channels. You will see that Kremlin doesn't respect its citizens, that society with its civic demands is very much on the bottom in the priorities of Russian government. People still live in a historical memory which is based on fear: fear of war, of disobedience, of loosing what they have.

Maybe, Ukraine today can’t propose you a lot in financial terms, but we, people who stand for new Ukraine,propose you to get free, which is the first step to prosperity of each and everyone!

We love you, Crimeans!!!!! You are our family!

Russian version of the article: Наталья Семерова: обращение к крымчанам



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