Aleksey Berezin, "The coach must inspire!"

Posted: 2014-05-07
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Stadium Basketball Cup, a children's basketball tournament, takes place in Norrkoping (Sweden) every spring. This year it was attended by more than 100 teams from Russia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Sweden and other European countries. The 2nd place was worn by a Karelian club of the water-sports center "Aquatica".


The main thing is that children mature with each match! In such a small age, the indicator of progress is not a victory but a change in a child's mind... A coming from the phrase "our team hit the ball at the opponent's ring more times, and we won" to "today we showed perfect basketball — so, we won".

It has been formed in just 2 years! Some players joined to us even this year. Pleased that the guys communicate after training, go to each other's homes and to birthday parties. They found this friendship on the basketball court, where each team member is responsible not only for himself but also for his partners, in order to achieve one goal victory! According to my personal experience, such friendship can’t be fake. In future these boys will grow into real men: honest and responsible. I’m sure!”


I don’t think it is actual nowadays. In every single game, the leader can be any player, even from the bench. As for me, I was both a benchwarmer and a team leader. When I was a freshman, I firstly faced with a rivalry. It was a fight just for the right to play for the University. There were more than 20 people on trainings but only 10 of them could get into the team. At first, I could only dream about the competitions. However, there was no clashes. I realized that I played worse than the older guys. I worked hard to deserve a place in the team!”

I’ve been playing since the age of 10. I spent my childhood in Severodvinsk (Arkhangelsk region). There always have been a strong sports school and good coaches. I still remember my first training. There were a lot of people; most of them were older than me by one, two or even 5 years! But I didn't pay attention on that. I liked everything: beautiful, dynamic movements of players, the atmosphere, exercises... Although I couldn't do all of them at the beginning. My father brought me on the basketball court. He played at the highest level, but injuries prevented him from becoming a professional. Furthermore, sportsmen didn’t get such huge fees as they do now. Therefore his solution was working in the factory. So, he stayed in basketball at the amateur level...”


No, I didn’t. I have a higher technical education. Also I received an additional education on the course of social professions and qualified as an instructor on basketball. Now I combine a work on the Petrozavodsk thermal power station and coaching activities in "Aquatica".”

I managed to find the work which I really love. I feel that teaching basketball is my true calling. However, many graduates of the Department of physical culture and sports have to work on jobs, not connected with their vocation. Some of them even sell phones! But youth, full of fresh ideas and energy, should work with children. The coach must inspire! He has an effect on the desicion of a child: to continue playing sports or to give up. Aleksander Balev (the head of "Aquatica") and I are looking for ambitious, active young people; even from other towns. We offer them to work in our sports center.”

Currently almost all my thoughts and dreams are connected with the development of children's sports in Karelia. I wish more children knew what perseverance, the power of will and purposefulness are. People who used to work hard from an early age usually succeed in future. Any kind of sport is good for a child. First of all, it should burn a fire in his eyes... Of corse, I'll be glad if children chose basketball. It's a really spectator sport! You can watch for hours the play of professional basketball teams, enjoying every movement of the players. I believe that one day some of my students will delight the millions of fans with their play. Or maybe someone will follow in the footsteps of his coach and teach children basketball skills!”

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