Posted: 2014-07-22
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This is a fun icebreaker to use at the beginning of any course with a group of people who are not familiar with each other. The trainer as well as the participants can use this exercise to introduce themselves to the group.
Aims of the tool
A fun way for a group of strangers to get to know more about each other.
Description of the tool
-Hand out a sheet of paper and a number of colored pens to each delegate.
-Explain that delegates have 15 minutes to prepare a presentation. In the presentation they should use a drawing to introduce themselves to the group.
- Delegate should write their name (or what they like to be called) on top of the sheet.
- What they draw on the sheet should answer the following questions:
a.Who are you?
b.Why are you here?
c.What are your fears?
d.What are your expectations?
- After 15 minutes, ask the delegates to stop 
- Ask a volunteer to come up and stick their sheet on a wall or flipchart for everyone to see or just handle it .The group has one minute to look at it (usually with lots of laugh) before the delegate can explain the drawing.
- Repeat this until all delegates have presented their drawings.



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