Alevtina Korsunova: White road of the Karelia Eco-tourism

Posted: 2014-12-17
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Editor's note: Alevtina Korsunova is from Karelia, Russia. She represents local Youth Parliament and shares her vision on how works Karelian eco-tourism project "White road". 


“White road” received its funding from the program of the cross-border European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument "Karelia" (ENPI CBC Karelia). The main participant and organizer of the project is the Karelian Resource Center of Public Organizations, NGO. The main purpose of this project is the development of tourism in six districts of Karelia - Louhskiy, Kalevaskiy, Kemskiy, Belomorskiy, Segezhskiy districts and in Kostomuksha. Finnish regions of Kainuu and Kuusamo also participate in it.

To sum up the project results there will be a final seminar in December 2014 in the city of Kajaani (Finland).

One of the main results of this project is the opening of six tourist informational centers in the districts of Karelia, where tourists can get the essential information about the entertainment, routes and services of Karelia.



“White road” included several rides that gave us the opportunity to see and experience all tourist`s opportunities of the regions that reveal the potential of karelian northern territories. Last visit was organized in November 2014 with the participation of journalists and reporters of the Republic of Karelia and the city of Moscow, where I was lucky to participate in. I would like to share my impressions about the event.

The route included such towns as Kuusamo (Finland), Kostomuksha, Segezha and Segezhsky region. So, now let me tell you my expierence how it was.


Kuusamo: winter and summer entertainment

Near Kuusamo we stayed in a guest house Papintalo of the company "Ruka Safaris". The first thing I was impressed by is a hearty welcome of the hosts. This is shown not only by their hospitality, but also by the attention that was paid to us by the staff of the company, and the care we were surrounded with. In addition to good and comfortable living conditions "Ruka Safaris" offers winter and summer entertainment programs: snowmobile safaris, buggy riding, dog sledding, and "sauna-Tour", which includes 9 different types of saunas. We managed to visit the Husky farm "ERÄ SUSI", where we experienced dogsledding and buggy riding, and enjoy all the pleasures of the Finnish sauna.



Kostomuksha: true Karelian nature

In Kostamuksha we visited the autocamping "Fregat", which includes the hotel "Fregat" and 26 cottages. There we had a tour of the territory where we were able to see the beauty of Karelian nature, Karelian house and visit the equestrian complex "Peuraniemi." Also, we were lucky to get into a fairy tale and visit the House of Father Frost. Such tours are especially interesting for children.



Segezhskiy rayon: Karelian and Russian folklore

Then we went to the only one tourist center in the region "Vetrenniy poyas". The center is located 145 km from the town of Segezha. "Vetrenniy poyas" is a small tourist center, that consists of five cottages.  All the cottages have their own Russian sauna where you can relax and forget about everything. Not so long ago a small orthodox chapel was built and consecrated there. We were introduced to the history of the center, Segezhsky ensemble "Kudrina" pleased us with Karelian and Russian folklore. "Windy belt" is intended for those people who want to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy hunting and fishing and also  ride a quad bike. The only thing that leaves much to be desired is the road to the tourist center, which took about five hours.



Segezha: local traditions on the way

In the town of Segezha we stayed in the hotel complex "Segezha". Bar of the hotel complex "Medvezhiy ugol" makes us to get intotrue Karelian atmosphere by its interior, clothing and home-made food. After a delicious dinner you can play bowling and billiards. We also had a nice opportunity to visit the "Museum Center of Segezha."

In conclusion, during five days we had visited four tourist centers with different entertainment activities and sightseeings. If you want to enjoy the beauty of Karelian and Finnish nature and relax from everyday routine, to become better acquainted with the history of the regions, local traditions you should go on a journey to the North.

Having participated in such an exciting project I would recommend everyone to visit so  beautiful places!

Alevtina Korsunova, Deputy of the Youth Parliament of the Respublic of Karelia 


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