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Explore essential business and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. Have unforgettable intercultural experience with participants from various countries. Discover and enjoy Armenia through self-structured free time, optional local trips and excursions.

This Training Course is for 39 participants from Armenia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Moldova, Norway, Romania, Slovak Republic and other Europen countries.
Recommended for:  Youth workers, Youth leaders
Working language(s):
KREM Rekruttering



The international training course “Youth ENTREPRENEURization” aims to train and equip youth workers and youth leaders working directly with young unemployed people in deprived rural and urban areas with essential business and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills and support them to contribute to tackling of the problem of unemployment among youth through promoting self-employment and entrepreneurial culture.
Unforgettable intercultural experience!
The Training aims to provide an unforgettable and rich intercultural experience where people from different countries and culture bring their touch and insights creating a synergy of learning and new friendships.

Discover Armenia!

Participants will have opportunities to discover Yerevan and Armenia during their stay. Participants will be given self-structured free time mainly in the afternoons to engage in activities of their choice. Optional excursions and trips will be organized making stay both as relaxing and fun as possible!
Unemployment is a big challenge in Europe and neighboring partner countries. The problem is more severe in case of young people with fewer opportunities living in deprived rural and urban areas due to limitations related to their geographic location and lack of access to education and work opportunities.
Entrepreneurship is an alternative (and also creative) approach to create jobs and improve livelihoods and economic independence of young people. It helps integrate youth into the value creating cycle of the economy.

Objectives of the training course:

- Deepen the understanding about the concept of self-employment and entrepreneurship within the context of youth.
- Study the status-quo of young unemployed people in deprived rural and urban areas. Map reasons and consequences of long term joblessness.
- Explore ways, methods and tools to help unemployed young people make a transition to self-employed.
- Share best practices on how to integrate alienated and marginalized youth back into the value creating cycle of the economy and give them a sense of responsibility and empowerment.
- Developing business ideas, entrepreneurial initiatives and partnerships among participants.
- Promoting Erasmus + Programme and opportunities for youth in rural and urban areas and shape a comprehensive understanding about what can be done under Erasmus + Programme to tackle the problem of unemployment through youth work.
- Develop and publish an electronic catalogue of tools and approaches for effective youth work with young people with fewer opportunities in rural and urban areas.

How to apply:

Please download and print the following application documents. After you have filled them out, send them to:
Before 5 July 2015
Please mention in the title of your email: [Your Country]- Youth ENTREPRENEURization


Accomodiation and food 100% covered by organizers.
Travel cost will be reimbursed to the maximum amount of:
Norway: 530 EUR
Georgia: 180 EUR
Czech Republic: 360 EUR
Romania: 275 EUR
Moldova: 275 EUR
Slovakia: 360 EUR
Armenia: 0 EUR
Within this limits you can have 100% reimbursement of your travel. We will help you find the appropriate flights.
Registration fee 45 EUR to be paid upon arrival



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