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Posted: 2015-10-11
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Yesterday night was the last night for the scandalous exhibition "People of Maidan." in Riga. Just the day before I was lucky enough to visit the exhibition, where I was able to make the latest photos and collect some facts about the exhibition. 

Update 1. Exhibition is back in the second part of the day.

Date: 11.10.2015, Sunday.

"People of Maydan" factbook. 
1. Exhibition "People of Maidan" survived for days in front of the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers, from 6 to 11 October.
2. All the exposure time by the police has been arrested four pro-Russian activists who attempted to challenge the exhibition or harm it. 
3. Volunteers worked on the exhibition from 7 to 10 October 24/12, as well as law enforcement officers.
4. Organizers: Sergey Melnikoff and Sergey Alexeev.
5. Beyond the act of wanton destruction, questions are being asked about the people behind the exhibition, most prominently the photographer, US citizen Sergey Melnikoff.
Despite describing himself as a world-famous photographer, no professional photographers LSM spoke to had ever heard of Melnikoff except in connection with the recent controversy.
6. Sergey Melnikoff said that it is necessary to deport the Baltic Russians "and find a sufficient number of wagons for the transportation of livestock".
7. The Latvian Foreign Minister Edgar Rinkevics yesterday denounced the statement of Sergey Melnikoff.
8. Mr. Melnikoff planned to collect 500 thousand euros from the Riga City Council for not having provided adequate protection from the city.
9. The Right Sector banner was replaced by the flag of Ukraine.
10. The exhibition was visited by the speaker of the Latvian Saeima Inara Murnietse.
Result: The exhibition was disbanded in the Sunday's night.
And now the last photos from the exhibition.
1. Ukrainian MFA during Maydan. 
2. The fireman of the Revolution. 
3. Fear and courage. 
4. Family on the barricades. 
5. Maydan under pressure. 
6. Free people. No haven for the slaves. 
7. No comments. 
8. Evening in the capital. 
9. Artist of the Maydan. 
10. Revolution? 

Alexey Vesyoliy for the EUNetwork.

Russian version.


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