Aleksei Koshel: United Russia is ready to change

Posted: 2016-04-28
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Primary election culture is important proccess for raising people's interest for the election and country's political system. We see Different cultures, different countries and different styles of political game in the world.


Today the topic is primary election in Russia and we asked to comment the situation Mr. Aleksei Koshel', Professor of Lomonosov Moscow State University, PhD:

"United Russia (UR) is ready to change itself. Everyone understand that UR is ruling party by all means, and what is interesting, — UR made step forward to the transparency and openness.
By fact UR allowed every citizen to be accepted as a candidate at the Single Member Districts. Personally, I decided to participate in the primary election, because I was encouraged by the openness of the inner party system. I support the system, where candidates are open to the public and transparent. Our citizen's will be able to cast their vote for candidate they like on 22th May. More than 20% of polling stations will be opened in the September.

Q: Do you think the primary election system is needed for Russia?

A: Sure, we need them! It's great our party found resources to open themselves to the Russian people and even for non-party members. UR gives right to everyone to try their power on the primary election.

Q: What about competition?

A: Competition is really hard. 3000 politicians are competing for the 600 places. So, at least it's 5 to 1. And in our city - Moscow - the competition is even harder: 300 candidates for the 15 single member districts. There're 20-25 places in UR list, so it's 10 persons for 1 place.

Q: Who can actually cast vote in the primary election?

A: Every Russian citizen, that is bounded to the specific district can cast their vote at polling station. By the way, polling stations are at the same places, where real election take place on.

Q: Thanks and Good luck!

By Aleksey Vesyoliy for the


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