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Posted: 2017-01-06
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For those who are interested in Virtual Reality development! A global contest!


Sweden Virtual Reality began advertising an international VR contest on the 18th of November at www.swedenvirtualreality.com, with the intention of finding VR talents from all over the world.

The theme for the VR contest is ”sustainability”, for the purposes of encouraging developers to create content, environments, and experiences that facilitate sustainable development.

”Sweden Virtual Reality” is sponsored by Massive Entertainment. Sweden Virtual Reality is developing a virtual knowledge- and recruitment platform for VR developers, while also arranging an international VR contest.

The jury panel for the contest consists of representative from Massive Entertainment, The VR laboratory at Lund University, World Wide Foundation WWF Sweden, Societies for the Conservation of Nature, and Sweden VR.

The project connect the finacially powerful game & fim industries with organisations like WWF and Naturskyddsföreningen (Society for the Conservation of Nature) and engage the young gereration all over the world to create content, environments, and experiences that facilitate sustainable development and that can effect human behavior and negative consumption patterns.

While doing this we also create a virtual community where these different industries and non profit organisations are able collaborate and engage with young creative talents globally.

In addition to technology prizes, discovered talents will gain access to the virtual knowledge and recruitment platform, where creative development projects and recruitment possibilities are offered in cooperation with the gaming industry.

Winners will be given opportunity to meet Sweden VR and Massive Entertainment recruitment team.

READ more at: www.swedenvirtualreality.com


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