Young people and extremism: a resource pack for youth workers

Posted: 2017-01-17
Written by: EU Network
Category: Latvia
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To effectively address the drivers of violent extremism and promote peace, youth must be engaged as partners in the design and implementation of relevant programs and policies. With commitments to learning, to partnership, to innovation, and to impact, we are ready to address violent extremism, a defining challenge for our generation.
Global Youth Summit Against Violent Extremism, 28 September 2015, New York


SALTO Resursu centrs ir izdevis jaunu bukletu: "Young people and extremism: a resource pack for youth workers".

Tajā ir iekļauti gan skaidrojumi, gan metodes, kas noderēs ikdienā darbā ar jaunatni. Bukletā iekļauta informācija par jaunatnes darbu un extrēmismu. Materiālā atradīsiet dažādus piemērus un metodes, kuras var izmantot ikdienas darbā.


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