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Posted: 2017-02-04
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Editor's note: Andreea Munteanu tells her vision on the concept of personal branding @ youth project Personal Branding 4EUth Employment: KNOW YOURSELF, BRAND YOURSELF

In Ancient Greece, Socrate’s famous saying was "Know yourself ”. Personal Branding is an umbrella concept for getting to know yourself and your aspirations. It is about discovering the mark that you leave behind and inspires others to follow you.

The idea of this project came as a response to the question” What do I have to offer to the world?” and suddenly developed into something bigger. With this project I discovered my true passion and my real power of making a positive change in people’s life.

This project is designed to bring you closer to your real self and challenges you to get out the BEST IN YOU. It has its own brand that grew stronger year after year.You can speak about it but no one will understand.

Personal Branding is a life changing experience that you can understand only when you live it.

Andreea Munteanu

List of participating organizations:

Via Civic Association, Bulgaria

Associatione JOINT , Italy

Fundacja Tkalnia Rozwoju, Poland

Esi labs, Latvia

Ocean Znanja, Croatia

NECI, Cyprus


EDUQ, Poland

Full story and concept of the project please find in the e-book:  Personal Branding 4EUth Employment: KNOW YOURSELF, BRAND YOURSELF!



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