João: Portugal the Haunted Paradise

Posted: 2017-03-02
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Portugal has been know as country for its climate, gastronomy, landscapes and beaches and also a country that  in XXI century lives in illusionism and unrealistic.


Portugal has lost is charm and is enormous interior and exterior beauty. Children with immense happiness and energy are "humiliated / devalued" by the moods and anger of the people around them. The school has become just a hobby to impose the brain to think of a unique and only way so that nobodycannot evolve personally, professionally and individually.

Poverty is called to those who do not have money or materials to exhibit like a shop window of a fancy brand. Poverty is when one is sitting on a bench or lying on the sand knowing that the one next to him is in pain or alone and do it year after year.

Without having goals or ability to leave the comfort zone to help the society/family and using their time in giving joy, happiness and moments in the life of another. We grow up without knowing the existence of things and learn to respond to everything with a simple "I do not know".

We call working conditions when we sign contracts that make it illusory in our minds to think that this is our right and our duty, in which it is really just giving the right of the other to have power over you and control. We built jobs and homes using Standard models and performed the same tasks as 100 years ago. This is called delay of Life and suspension in time and space. We say we have a beautiful sun and that it heat us all year, but we all live at home with coats, pajamas, gloves, scarves, dresses and heaters turned on.

Our most famous word is “Saudade” but we never show to others what we miss or he/she misses or needs each day. This is called egoism to think of ourselves and only want what interests us = Saudade.

If People in World say That the fart of the cow is one of the great problems of health ofthe Planet so we should imagine how much our mind is polluted with Tobacco, Alcohol, drugs, lack of sleep and lack of knowledge but we don’t.

We are geographically dyslexic not knowing that “Kozovares” are people from Kosovo but we refer to foreigners from eastern countries using this word, we say that the other countries are cold but all have warming system everywhere and that they are poor but all have a good car of Mercedez-Benz, Audi, BMW,Volkswagen and with house by each inhabitantgiven by government.

We have a huge passion for our country which don’t give work, home, health, hygiene, spirituality, well-being. Have you ever thought about comparing a prison to your country, I think the only difference is that you do not pay bills and you have a partner to talk about which would be the best condition to our loneliness that all country suffer and have. We say we have a complicated case in Portugal is bad, but abroad also but they don’t know exactly why or why it happens. In reality we are the country of discoveries but also the destroyers of cultures, disrespect of other peoples, bad education and bad manners mostly like Vikings.

In Europe we build roads (after all we pay for this every year) but we give a pricefor our business and on the last day of the conclusion of road we ask in double the price ... Thanks to business relationships so good that it’s giving as canceled the work and negotiations with Portugal are denied. Every day an investor, a millionaire, an entrepreneur comes to Portugal and at the same moment he makes the simple phrase "I want to invest in Portugal".

The Portuguese with his polluted mind into money and materials invites his friends all to come together to deal with the investment. They are about 20 or so and each one has to confirm to agree to this deal. The entrepreneur makes a budget for investment and these 20 people each one thinks about a part and makes an agreement in yes we will invest. The happiness of the businessman who is sensible, happy and grateful for the kindness and good faith of the Portuguese returns to his country. 3 years later he comes back discovering that it was fraud of the money that invested there but to our interest we discovered that he was the Owner of Volkswagen. So he closes any negotiations with Portugal and even tells his friends their experiences, if we are able to count in these years  all this business canceled, we should all have lost a few thousand investors.

We have more coffee shop than stores. Do they all have to sell the same product as the neighbor'sand make exactly the same thing as other and at the end say that the problem is with the economy and the people of the Country?

We always live with the fashion of buying new clothes, new houses or new cars but as far as I know for you to have clothes, someone has touched, dressed or even tried before reaching you.  New cars also do not know if they exist, after all they are all autopilot or they get to you through crane? We inject ourselves into our minds to think of ourselves building a career as doctors, lawyers, dentists, police, security guard or others.

But if the doctor has no teacher he will never be a doctor and if the teacher does not have students he will never be a teacher and if the students never go to school there would never be students and if people never get together and communicate there will never be children.

After all, it will not be so good to humiliate the other for having a job different from ours, without him we did not exist but we still do it day after day as a cultural thing. They say that the problem of the society is from the computers and the technology but after all why do I have to do something that 100 years ago did in 4 hours and now I do it in 2 minutes?

We are seen and called as people with open arms and warm, I have not seen where or why?

We do not say Good morning, Good afternoon, or Thank you. We just show the Fake Smile in the face and ask how you look so we don’t look so rude but more polite.

In Portugal 250,000 people die every year and 500,000 people leave the country say our Statistics. Is unemployment really just 10%? They still have retirement from people who have already died and are still paying for it. 2017 is a year of surprises and unusual news as every day.  They discover that don’t have protocols about how to act in case of escape from Prison while we having 2 men from Biggest Mafia of Chile that escaped from our prisons and get caught in Spain.  Money sent to off-shores is discovered with involvement of Police, Banks and Politicians. I think we are getting close to be Mexico or Brazil.

Golden Visas was sold to Chinese and get discovered to be fraud causing an enormous problems and relationship with China.

We can’t forget that who open door to Chinese enter Europe it was Portugal.


We are the country of discoveries. We discover the guns and kill all those people in which we pass, kidnapping, raping or even humiliating as we continue to do to all the Brazilians and Africans who live in our country.  We pay absurd prices for telecommunications with obligatory payments even if we do not use our internet or mobiles. We pay for our island “Madeira” to always be beautiful but 90% of Portuguese never visited it.  

Stealing of your car is not important, the police will tell you that it will be a gypsy, African or Eastern country person and let you ask to wait for it to appear miraculously. Also if happen a robbery only after 2 hours they may go to check and it’s important to know that police can’t touch, hit any human been because he can get to jail because of that as a discipline and bad behavior. We are known as a developed country with security, conditions, calm, cheerful but all this is haunted.


Are we as good as we look?  Reflect what Portugal is and what these countries of peace and tranquility show as their main image. There is still much to be said but for now only some real facts of an immensity of darkness, falsehood, ignorance and hiding the unknown.

João, Youth Leader in Portugal


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