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Posted: 2017-04-20
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Seven Youth field activists from Latvia took part at Erasmus +  mobility  “Back to the future!” which was implemented in the beautiful village called Santa Severina from 1st to 9th April 2017. Santa Severina it is located in the center of Calabria region in the South of Italy. This project brought together young people, who were willing to be aware about new job opportunities through traditional customs and appreciation of territorial opportunities. Six Latvian youngsters and one Latvian group leader participated at the “Back to the future!” project and share their experience and view about youth unemployment problems in Latvia and discussed potential solutions how to improve current situation. The project’s objectives, in line with the Erasmus+ priorities, were to develop competences, intercultural consciousness and self-awareness among the participants.


On the arrival day Latvian participants were greeted by kind and friendly “Back to the future” coordinators, they welcomed arrivals and gave them an opportunity to visit a beautiful city Lamezia while waiting other participants from different countries. As for some of the Latvians it was the first time in the Italy, the walk through the city helped fully enjoy Italian culture. Careless driving, easygoing lifestyle, tasty and colorful ice creams, delicious coffee, palms and warm sunlight – it all created the first impression of the Italy.

The project consisted of different workshops related with traditional jobs, for example, pottery, textile and homemade pasta workshop to introduce participants with Italian traditional jobs. The pasta workshop was the most dynamic, because the pasta masters were two very attractive Italian sisters who were passionate about what they are doing. Later, when the homemade pasta was ready, the participants had it on the lunch making this workshop even more special.


During the project, there were also many activities which helped to make a better connection between youngsters and get to know each other, expectations, opinions and passions. Almost every evening participants had reflection group meeting, where they discussed what happened during the day and shared they feelings. Also, one of the most interesting activates were intercultural nights- almost every night in project participants presented their national teams and country, introducing with their  traditions and other things that represent their country and its values, after presentation it was possible to try different traditional foods and drinks from specific country and listen to countries traditional music.


To sum up, project gave opportunity to get a priceless experience and knowledge not just about youth unemployment situation in different countries but also gave opportunity to look at things a little bit closer, showing Italian traditional jobs and sharing their historical development, they helped to think also about our country’s potential and resources that may help to improve current situation.


Project was interactive, gave a broad view on Italian culture, traditions and values, at the same time providing opportunity to see different cultures and experiences in other countries, it helped to develop the knowledge, gave different experience and helped to improve foreign language skills. Memories, experience and new friends that this project gave us will always stay in our hearts and mind, thank you, Santa Severina!


Latvian partner for this  Erasmus+ international young people mobility was Non Governmental Organisation ‘’Donum Animus’’



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