Opinion: 5 arguments why non-citizens must have voting rights in the municipality elections

Posted: 2017-04-12
Written by: EU Network
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1st: That's our citizen's problem to take care about gaining voting rights for the non-citizens @ the elections. Remember - non-citizens will elect citizens!

That means - while non-citizens can't vote - elected citizens aren't quite right. We're afraid that these "not right" citizens will be elected, thus multiply gap in the civil society.

2nd. Politicians are fighting for the electorate in the democracy.

They fight for the votes of the people who have voting rights. That explains why politicians ignore interests of the non-citizens.
Reminds American old "proverb": Sheriff doesn't care on the negro problems. (Sorry my dear reader, no source, — free translation. Use search engines if you wanna find original proverb).

3rd. Non-citizens can vote in the Estonian municipalities and nothing bad happened.

4th. All non-citizens pay tax as the citizens.


“Even taxpayers have rights!” ― Beric J. Croome, Taxpayers' Rights in South Africa

5th. Third country citizens have voting rights in the 18/27 EU countries, incl.Estonia and Lithuania.

Personal opinion by Vladimir Sokolov, free translation: Alexey Vesyoliy

Russian version is available here!


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