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Posted: 2017-05-17
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I am a Portuguese and was living in Czech Republic in Pardubice. This city has about 90.000 inhabitants. When you arrive in Czech Republic you can experience wide  and things that you probably may never thought exist in this country. For example, when you travel in Czech Republic, especially, by train or bus you would think that you are living in unreal paradise where water and coffee and also music/movies/entertainment during your travel are for free. When you go to buy tickets you see a machine with over 20 buttons in bus stop, since they sell tickets depending on time and local public bus ticket  costs about 1 euro or less. You may take a public transport ride  for 300 km for 5 euro with coffee and water for free.


Many cities are more polluted and you can easily get sick especially during the winter time which is not that comfortable and you must be always prepared for it. It is easy to get sick,  even if you are Czech person and used to cold weather.

The cost of living is quite affordable and conditions, especially, transportation and houses are comfortable. As a foreigner, you must be very careful with food and validation dates. There are  many kinds of meat, milk products and bread. The most known  bread is called Rohlik.


Czech people are passionate about BIO FOOD and it’s on huge demand. There are many vegetarian restaurants and bio food shops that may help you to keep healthy diet. When you try soups you will find  vegetables and of course as main course  meat with Czech Tartar Sauce  which is not that healthy.  You can find traditional food called smažený sýr, Knedliky (Czech Dumplings) and some others.


People eat just salmon or carp fillet or you may find some Italian restaurant where you can  order some fresh fish.  Czech People would tell you that carp is a great fish and even the best. While living  in Czech Republic all you may hear whole day is problems and problems but they don’t have that many. The grocery stores are everywhere and prices are affordable, the salaries goes for around 500- 700 euro on average which is 15.000 – 20.000 Kc. The restaurants usually have very interesting  design and with good customer service.  It is more and more common in many countries to do online shopping, but Czech people still go to shop and carry their shopping bags long way till home.


Czech Republic is very diverse as people behaviors and reactions. People are always  in hurry and when you meet them, it its quite funny that you go left and they also go left and then right. The entire country would pressure you saying you need to learn CZECH language to live here and you must be good at it to  find a job but this is not real. All you have to do is just live in Prague or Brno and they say even in offers ‘’no requirement to speak Czech’’. When it comes to find a job Czech people are quite fast in calling you to  make a job interview asking  many basic questions. Unfortunately, Human Resources are  very low class and you should talk very less and just be likeable and friendly instead talk about your real CV and experience. There is usually 3 step recruitment process.

Houses are usually small - about 20 square meters for 4 people. It can be quite complicated when you want your own space and your flatmates invite friends.  While living in Czech Republic I realized that it is great that you live in bigger house or apartment because it’s total chaos when too many people share tiny place. The biggest problem when you live in Czech Republic and with Czech People are their  families.  Family is  always involved and may create a very stressful environment.

When you are a foreigner locals maybe shy to speak with you but when you start to talk, they may talk with you and become friends, but, they always may doubt who you really are even after meeting you for  a longer time.

You will find many people riding bicycles and many people walk with dogs which make it friendly but at same time, they should  be aware of the dog shit it is left and they are always looking around in case  somebody is calling to police because your dog left a shit on  a ground. You also need to be aware to  not cross the street under the red light otherwise you may get a penalty.


If you want communicate with locals, it’s like a Russian roulette you never know if they really would talk with you or just say few words and then leave.  You may find it very pleasant to live in Czech Republic but only in Prague or BRNO because other places you either get sick from cold weather or tired from Czech family problems.

You must be very careful with currency exchange. I suggest to do a research to avoid any misunderstandings or problems due to currency exchange.

Czech Republic is not the worst country to live but due to family involvement, behaviors, cold weather and lack of local language knowledge, foreigner may get lost and find it difficult.

I hope you enjoyed to read my experience about living in Czech Republic.

João Joaquim, Portuguese who lived in Czech Republic


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