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Posted: 2017-06-21
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It is our pleasure to share with you our great experience taking part at the Erasmus+  KA1 International Mobility "Evenhanded opportunities for young people disabled" which took place from 2-8 June 2017  in Cagliari (Sardinia)  Italy.  Mobility gathered together 28 participants  from Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Romania, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Spain, Estonia, Great Britain, Italy and Latvia.

The main purpose of this international mobility was to face the main hurdles that impede employability and education to youth disabled and implement activities according with the European policy framework that provide equality of opportunity to all citizens. Participants were looking to find a new  ways towards inclusion, sensibilize mainstream actions,  and to implement new project ideas addressed education and employment of  young people with disabilities.


Participants were looking for new options to eliminate obstacles towards integration and to focus on general education activities, new project ideas in order to support the involvement of young people with disabilities in labor market and education, and to find international partners for future social inclusion  projects.

Participants did their own researches, collecting data about European Union opportunities for inclusion of young people with disabilities and especially about Erasmus+ and other programs where youngsters can be involved and prove their different abilities.

Participants also did research regarding the national and regional regulatory framework linked to the opportunities and hardship related to the inclusion of young people afflicted with disabilities  in the field of education and employability opportunities in their respective country.


Participants had a meeting with the Mayor of Cagliari. Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia, the island of the Costa Smeralda and Porto Cervo. The city has a population of 150 000 inhabitants. Having learned about the opportunities for education and employment of people with disabilities in the labor market, meeting with representatives of the municipality of Cagliari and local politicians, it was concluded that it is important for Italians to include young people with disabilities in mainstream schools, to involve and adapt appropriate sports. Sport in Italy is very important. Great support is provided by volunteers who help people with mental illness.

It is important to support ideas promoting employability of disabled people, and to provide state support including quotas for employers offering jobs for people with disabilities. Municipalities and other involved stakeholders such as non governmental organization  play an important role promoting  employment and training opportunities for people with disabilities.

During the international mobility, participants met representatives and volunteers of different local non-governmental organizations, including the deaf and blind people associations. Participants also visited psychiatric hospital. The content of the visit was focused on examples of good practices, such as mountain therapy "Mountain therapy", where through muscular pain, you get to know and accept your body.
It is important to  pay even more focus on medical education through awareness and recreational activities,  and to  support young people with mental illnesses promoting  healthy lifestyle and social inclusion.


The methodology and type of activities were  mainly related to non formal education, coaching, selfexpression, simulation games, peer to peer, learning by doing and experimental learning.

The activities foresee during the international mobility were based on no formal education and attempts to share best practices between youth workers and creating  new partnerships according to specific needs of each participant.


Latvian partner for this  Erasmus+  KA1 Mobility was Non Governmental Organisation ‘’Donum Animus’’


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