President of Chamber of Setúbal, Portugal enjoys to Humilate People and feel Superior.

Posted: 2017-06-26
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Good Evening Everybody,

I would like to tell you a story that has been happening last days in a city called Setúbal which for the population of Setúbal it’s very important to realize and to know it for a better city.

ACDSA – Associação Cultura e Desporto Setúbal Academy on day 16-17 June participated in “Festival da Liberdade” where was in charge of a Basketball field and a Stand.

During this festival it was made a interview at “Maluco Beleza – Rui Unas” which the interviewer was very impressed about our work and our hard working during all this time.

After this interview “Rui Unas” made a question to the President of Chamber of Setúbal – Maria das Dores Meira about what was her opinion of Fernando Cruz / Setúbal Academy which she answered – “Excellent,Excellent example” words that was suppose to be true and honest.eiras e honestas.

Well unfortunately not all is like a fairy tale to listen and believe so we will keep telling the rest of the story which became more interesting.

Setúbal Academy decided to participate on day 21-06-2017 on Public Chamber meeting which is open to everybody and can make questions directly to the President of Chamber of Setúbal.

We were there for about 5 hours during this meeting for listen all of them discussing like a Reality Show.

We as Association decided that will speak personally and in front of President of Chamber in this meeting which we had right for a speech of 5 minutes of questions.

Our questions were very basic and objective :

Why we didn’t get yet any support from chamber during all of our activities ?

Which Youth Politics will be made or solutions giving example of a Council of Youth instead of a Forum of Youth which doesn’t have any success after 2 years.

Why we didn’t had yet any space to work or do activities in Setúbal if the city is full of houses in ruines and abandoned places to be used ?

Why we were excluded of all public and chamber places when we had actively about 100 talented youth people and worked 13 hours a day for give conditions and give a good name to city of Setúbal ?

We leave you here the answer of President of Chamber of Setúbal – Maria das Dores Meira.

We don’t give support to your activites because we have other associations which we give budgets and who are you for ask for our support if we have other associations that also work with youth.

We didn’t received any answered about Council of Youth only that there is a Nacional Council about this and rather don’t give any information about what is a council.

- We Chamber of Setúbal have about 256 associations and many of them are in waiting list so why we would give you space if we have other associations longer time looking for space and want it.
Expressing it this as a supeority behavior of who the fuck are you to ask for a space if you are like rats that i can crash and manipulate. Which by official documents it says that only 5 youth associations exists in Setúbal.

- We chamber of Setúbal don’t exclude or expel people but yes we give opportunity to other associations older to use space since you guys are not a association with experience and capacity enough to profit and show Setúbal...expressing this as indiferent and not caring for it.

To finish after agressive speaking of President of Chamber of Setúbal speaking in a bad language and not having minimum respect and education and respect other opinions and questions she finalize with last sentence :

Will you go out of here or stay for the meeting ?

We answered we stay here and wanting answers.

She answer meeting is closed for today without giving any opportunity to argument or answer it.

We should say thank you for citizens of Setúbal which selected this president that show smiles for camera and put knifes in everbody back and promise and don’t do it and answer and use bad language and behaviours and screaming when we basically ask some basic and intelligent questions which she didn’t answered and wasn’t enough strong to do it properly.

We Fight for the Youth and you guys are waiting for what to make the same and make a better city to live ?

Join us if you think that living if you want to live in a city of freedom and not of fake, discrimination,humilation and use and abuse of words that attack and threat your family and subjects that are not called for the conversation between a meeting threating doing this and that.

It was a enormous Reality Show as portuguese style which don’t give any respect and to feel superior need to scream and hight voice to show that is bigger and have power and to say that this is mine and only me know who works for me…. Being this called Slavery of Century XXI.

Setúbal Academy – Youth in Action – Don’t forget that your voice have more power then politicans. But if you never fight or try don’t wait that everything will be better and comes to you for free.

We gave our face and fight for our rights, Will you give support and do same for better conditions ?

Come Youth People and show your interest in wanting to have a space for develop yourself and grow up and not in a place of egoists, bad behaviours, humilations and without respect to citizens of the city.

Setúbal Academy


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