New Media and NGOs: Training Course in İzmir, Turkey

Posted: 2017-10-30
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Training Course


18-25 February 2018 | Turkey

The term of new media has ensued with the development of technologies; for example of web 2.0, social media, weblog etc. New media has dispossessed the monopoly journalists, editors, media institutions of news source contrary to traditional media and included all segments of society. These developments have brought about big opportunities and some problems. Some of the advantages are new job opportunities these technologies give, employability, easier access to information and target group. One of the biggest problems is hate speech and crimes.

With our project "New Media and NGOs", we want to popularize the opportunities of new media for youth workers and NGO any longer and raise awareness of this group about hate speech.

10 nongovernmental organizations from 10 countries and 40 youth workers will come together between the dates of 18-25 February 2018 in İzmir, Turkey with the project "New Media and NGOs".

The participants will get training about new media tools, weblog applications, hate speech and its types, freedom of expression and carry out workshops with common learning techniques. Moreover the participants will carry on getting into a partnership with each other and other NGOs in İzmir and its local area for new projects and carry out works for “New Media and Hate Speech Handbook for Youth Workers” until the end of project.

If you are interested in our project, please read infopack carefully and fill this form:


Deadline: 20th November .



About Pi Youth Association


Pi Youth Association is a non-profit organisation who works on youth rights and issues. It was established in 14 March 2014. Pi Youth Association maintains activities regularly for members and volunteers composed youngsters. Besides these activities, regional, national and international projects produces, enforces and developes partnership on identified 6 work topics. Every individual who lives in Turkey between the ages of 15 and 30, especially young people who are disadvantaged in social, economic, geographical, etc. who enter into women, disabled, refugee and minority classes, is in the target group of Pi Youth Association.

Our association aims at both working on rights and problems of the youth like woman & people with disabilities in the society and contributing to their development without being unhealthy and behind the times. Besides, we carry on our works for popularizing the volunteering between the youth and being high level of participation in volunteering activities.

Our association is member of various corporate networks related to mission topics in order to both increase our corporate capacity and the national&international effects of activities and fallow the developments. You can find the networks we are member of at the fallowing list. You can click their names for detailed information about them and visit their web sites.


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