WFYS 2017. Part 1. One day in Ekaterinburg.

Posted: 2017-10-15
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It was pretty fun day. I visited URAL and Ekaterinburg for the first time. I opened Ekaterinburg for myself as part of regional program from WFYS2017. The city welcomed us at the airport with bread and salt - old russian tradition to welcome guests. Ekaterinburg is a big city, with more than million people living in it. Big and wide streets, metro, a lot of frsh air, feels like at mountains. Comparing to Riga it's not cold here at all, climate very continetal. So, when it's zero degree Celcium it doesn't feel cold. Architecture of city is mixed with buildings from Western and Eastern fixtures. Traffic is pretty heavy, especially during the day and after work - in the evening.


Our first location is World Trade Center Building - for team building training. Participants for more than 20 countries getting to know each other. Me personally liked the trainings, I met new people from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Iran, Bosnia, Poland, Check Republic, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, Singapore. The geography is really really wide! When different cultures meet in one place it gives unique opportunity for intercultural dialogue to know your culture and your country better by getting to know new cultures.

The history of Ural region is also pretty interersting, because by fact key historical events in Russia took place in Ekaterinburg.

And in the evening we had exciting night city tour with lots of games and competitions. Night Ekaterinburg is beautiful, but also a little bit dangerous. It was satturday's night, so local people were hanging out on the streets, having fun and drinking. But we focused on quests and teambuilding. Now I know Ekaterinburg much better.

More to come!

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