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Posted: 2017-10-31
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Editor's note: Anton Starostin, 31 years old participant from Riga, Latvia about his experience @ WFYS2017 in Sochi.


Imagine you had a chance to meet proactive young people from all over the world in one place. Imagine it would be easy for you to come and talk to them because the whole place is motivating you to do it.

Imagine the venue would hold constant discussions, presentations, exhibitions and parties.

Well, that’s what we experienced in World Festival of Youth and Students 2017 in Sochi.

 Festival gave me opportunity to find friends from Mexico, Salvador, Indonesia, Jordan, France, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Austria, Russia and the list goes on.

I witnessed how people from very diverse cultural backgrounds found common ground in no time. I understood how similar we are if to dismiss our bodily differences. I was present when we all felt that same happiness from being together in peace.

Thank you Sochi for Great moments I will remember!

Anton Starostin for


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