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The 2015 Social Network of Foreign Ministries

Posted: 2015-03-02
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Editor's note: great analysis of digital diplomacy by Ilan Manor.


In May of 2014, I published my analysis of the social network of world foreign ministries (MFAs) on twitter. Through this analysis, I hoped to investigate the degree to which MFAs follow one another on social media. I was also interested in learning which world MFAs are most followed by their peers? Which MFAs are avid followers of other MFAs and which MFAs serve as important hubs of information?

Deadly emotions in the Alliance or the Last Crusade of NATO

Posted: 2015-02-26
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Do you remember Medieval history? Let's talk about the the last Crusade of Varna in 1444 and compare to the modern situation. How did come the hugest power in Europe lost everything? The 600 years old battle was lost not because of the lack of skills, knowledges or resources. The western army was great! The crusader army was the most powerful force in the Europe. But the Varna battle was lost because of the emotional approach in the geopolitics. Polish-Hungarian diplomatic oppression of the Papal states convinced Western partners and successfully demonised the enemy, — Turkey. This how everything started.

The Challenges of the European Identity

Posted: 2015-02-25
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Editor's note: Identity is not a concept set in stone. It's rather the outcome of a relentless process. Publication by Ana Maria Ducuta. Ana Maria is a Master's Degree Student of International Relations, PhD candidate in History and also popular writer.


Identity is a process, and not a concept which can be defined as such. If we want to define it in broader terms, we could say that identity is what defines us as human beings and as “political animals” in relation to others. European identity has come to be challenged not only in the light of recent events on the international arena, but also due to natural processes that have occurred as a result of globalisation, multiculturalism and integration. As supranational institutions have come to have a more and more important say in shaping identities, the question of how this will interact with societal rules and cultural mentalities existing within the same European Union, occupies a wide space on the political agenda of European leaders (or at least it should do). 

Mission Impossible? Our global responsibility towards sustainable development

Posted: 2017-05-23
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The current world population is expected to reach 8.5 billion by 2030, 9.7 billion in 2050 and 11.2 billion in 2100, according to latest United Nations forecasts. The latest data show that about one in eight people still lived in extreme poverty, nearly 800 million people suffered from hunger. 1.1 billion people were living without electricity, and water scarcity affected more than 2 billion people. People everywhere, including the poorest and most vulnerable, should enjoy a basic standard of living and social protection benefits. Demographic and social changes, loss of biodiversity and the disruption of a number of natural cycles are among the threatening costs towards sustainable development.


Posted: 2017-04-12
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Владимир Соколов, президент Русской общины Латвии: "Во-первых:вопрос дачи негражданам права голоса на муниципальных выборах,это прежде проблема
не неграждан,а нас самих граждан.."

Нурхан Бабаев: Мультикультурализм - это путь, который ведет к мировой культуре

Posted: 2016-12-31
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Нурхан Бабаев - директор департамента международных отношений Союза Молодёжных Студенческих Организаций Азербайджана, Магистр по программе Общественная Политика в Университете АДА .

Большинство из наших слов, используемых ежедневно в нашим обществе, для выражения  различных эмоций, новостей и впечатлений связаны с мультикультурными ценностями. Мультикультурализм является одним из самых важных составляющих в нашей повседневной жизни. В настоящее время, во всем мире, мультикультурализм столкнулся с очень сложной ситуацией и трудными условиями, но в отличие от Европы в Азербайджане мультикультурные ценности живут, развиваются, а также имеют поддержку со стороны общества и государства.

Публикация на английском доступна здесь.

Windows Technical Support Phone Number @1-800-893-1168

Posted: 2017-09-19
Category: Battle of ideas
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