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Explore essential business and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. Have unforgettable intercultural experience with participants from various countries. Discover and enjoy Armenia through self-structured free time, optional local trips and excursions.

Discover Armenia!

On the borders of Eastern Partnership

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Editor's note: As any other interesting adventure, this one has it's own beginning and even little history. First impression for me was like labyrinth, but(!) very handy labyrinth with new skills and knowledges in the every coner. The story starts from the EaP youth forum and Erasmus+ when we get acquianted with "braļukai" Mr. Marius Ulozas. On the one hand this story is like public report, but by fact it's much more - it's our history and good review of all EaP politics. Still, more questions appear.


Good news and ideas from Lithuania: project “Next steps of youth policy development in EaP" (NEaP) brought together national youth councils from EaP region countries (Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova), National youth council of Latvia, Baltic media-volunteering project Eunetwork.lv, strongest regional youth NGO in Armenia - Youth initiative center, Ukrainian National Youth Council and Institute for policy research and analysis from Lithuania. We discussed the youth policy development, co-management and youth work implementations and future youth policy vision in the region.  

Восточное партнерство и страсти по российской пропаганде

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В Риге проходит яркое и важное геополитическое событие, — саммит Восточного Партнерства (ВП). В рамках организации масштабная конференция посвященная роли масс-медиа в ВП проходит в первый раз. В фокусе, — выступления ярких международных лидеров, на панеле дискуссий мы видим представителей Еврокомиссии, ОБСЕ, всех стран Восточного Партнерства, играющие значимую роль в формировании медийной политике. Приведу несколько интересных цитат с выступлений, отражающих дух конференции.


Summit in Riga: way to the development

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The major high-level foreign policy event of the Latvian Presidency of the Council of European Union — 4th Eastern Partnership Summit.




In its capacity as Presiding country of  the Council of the European Union (EU), Latvia will hold one of the major high-level foreign policy events of its Presidency – the 4th Eastern Partnership Summit will be taking place on 21-22 May in Riga. 


Mark O'Toole: Congratulations Graduate! Eleven Reasons Why I Will Never Hire You

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Editor's note: this how it is in Europe. Actually the story started in 2013', but still is pretty accurate.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve been in hiring roles and have received thousands of resumes from new college graduates. I’ve interviewed many for real jobs and done my share of informational interviews. Sometimes I’ve hired people into entry-level positions. More often though, I haven’t. 


Those who did not get the job were sometimes just not the right fit. Other times, they were trumped by a more impressive candidate or victim to some other random event mostly out of their control. 
Too many had the background to make the cut or at least garner a second interview. But disastrous interviewing skills brought you down. 

Here are my top reasons why I will never hire you. Congratulations Graduate! Eleven Reasons Why I Will Never Hire You.

from Mark O'Toole

Towards Employability of Young People in EaP

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In the context of Latvia’s Presidency of the Council of the EU the 2nd Eastern Partnership Youth Forum — Innovative approaches to foster young people's employability took place in Riga on February 9–11 in participation of more than 200 young people such as youth workers, youth leaders, researchers, government and business representatives and young journalists from the EU member states and the Eastern Partnership countries — Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova as well as participants from Turkey.

Raksts Latviešu valoda.

Discrimination against Eastern Europeans: still a European attitude

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The concepts of "integration" and "otherness" have been interpreted variously in EU countries, with differing perspectives shaped by local cultural and political contexts. Policies against discrimination have been avidly pursued in an attempt to make immigrants feel home wherever they go in Europe. But social exclusion is always lurking. Ana Maria Ducuta, PhD candidate in History and also popular writer gives her personal experience of discrimination and reflects on immigration and related EU actions.


Even in our modern Europe, xenophobia is still a plague. Eastern Europeans such as Bulgarians or Romanians who go abroad are regular victims of xenophobic feelings. Eastern Europeans are regarded by some Western societies as barbarians and in some cases criminals too. On many occasions when I went abroad, after people got to know my Romanian friends and me, they have affirmed "we are good people despite the fact that we are Romanians" and that "we know more foreign languages than they ever will". You never get to understand the harmful nature of xenophobic stereotypes until you are faced with a real situation in which you are made to feel unwelcome before you have done or even said a thing.

EaPYF2015: Meklējot inovatīvas pieejas jauniešu nodarbinātības veicināšanai

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2. Austrumu Partnerības Jaunatnes forums – meklējot inovatīvas pieejas jauniešu nodarbinātības veicināšanai. 


Latvijas prezidentūras ietvaros no 9.-11. februārim Rīgā notika 2. Austrumu Partnerības Jaunatnes forums – inovatīvas pieejas jauniešu nodarbinātības veicināšanai,  kurā piedalījās kopā vairāk kā 200 jaunieši, jaunatnes darbinieki, jauniešu līderi, pētnieki, ministriju pārstāvji, uzņēmējdarbības jomas pārstāvji un jaunie žurnālisti no Eiropas Savienības dalībvalstīm, Austrumu partnerības valstīm: Gruzijas, Armēnijas, Baltkrievijas, Ukrainas, Azerbaidžānas, Moldovas, kā arī dalībnieki no Turcijas.

Publication in English.

Eastern Partnership Forum:open discussions

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Eastern Partnership Forum started with work and hot discussions on the youth unemployment.  Actually all the discussions at moment dance around youth unemployment today, because 5 million young people face challenges to find a job in the European Union (Eurostat Nov 2014 Data). In general we face the fact that we have crisis, so we need to bring more attention to the youth sector, education. To promote youth to the employment market and maximize efforts on the synergy. 
Questions we are working at moment:
How to change employment situtation in our region.
What are the responces from different actors regarding the NEET* issues. 
What is the main challenges a young person faces in your community when entering the labour market.
What is the contribution of the mobility programmes towards tackling youth unemployment.
What is EU solidarity, how should we strengthen it.
And the last, but not the least question: wow much do policy measures correspond to the real needs and interests of young people? By the way, 70% of the youth workers and experts claim that current policy only partially corresponds to the real interests of young people. Something work and something doesn't work isn't reeally the answer, we need practical changes to the youth policy.
Glossary: What is N.E.E.T? A NEET or neet is a young person who is "Not in Education, Employment, or Training". 
Aleksey Vesyoliy from EaPYF.

Форум Восточного партнерства: на старт, внимание, марш!

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С 9 по 11 февраля в Риге начинается незаурядный молодежный форум Восточного партнёрства, где собралось более сотни ребят с разных уголков мира. На повестке дня — образование, решение актуальных проблем молодежи, молодежная политика, безработица, равенство и права. Место проведения форума тоже выбрано соотвествующее: Латвийская национальная библиотека.

Ana Maria Ducuta: Four cornerstones to battle youth unemployment

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Editor's note: The idea of a Youth Guarantee is becoming more popular across Europe: Sweden and Finland have already gone ahead. Fresh opinion by Ana Maria Ducuta. Ana Maria is a Master's Degree Student of International Relations, PhD candidate in History and also popular writer.


The economic crisis has been knocking down economically consolidated countries and raising unemployment rates. The most affected of this crisis came to be the young graduates, who, after having graduated, have to confront the ugly truth: no available working places in accordance with their educational background or no workplace at all. 

Austrumu partnerības Samits — ceļš uz attistību

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Austrumu partnerības Samits — galvenais Latvijas prezidentūras augstākā līmeņa pasākums.



Latvija no 2015. gada 1. janvāra līdz 30.jūnijam pilda prezidējošās valsts funkcijas  Eiropas Savienības (turpmāk ES) Padomē. ES attiecību veicināšana ar Austrumu partnerības valstīm ir viena no Latvijas prezidentūras ES Padomē ārlietu jautājumu prioritātēm.

Publication in English.