UN Young professionals programme (YPP) 2017 is open for applications

Posted: 2017-06-26
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The UN Young professionals programme is open for applications in the Political, Peace, and Humanitarian Network. To be eligible to apply you must be from one of the participating countries listed below. Additionally applications must be fluent in either English or French, be 32 or less years old and hold a first level degree in a relevant field. The YPP examination will take place on the 22 August 2017.

President of Chamber of Setúbal, Portugal enjoys to Humilate People and feel Superior.

Posted: 2017-06-26
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Good Evening Everybody,

I would like to tell you a story that has been happening last days in a city called Setúbal which for the population of Setúbal it’s very important to realize and to know it for a better city.

Evenhanded opportunities for youth disabled

Posted: 2017-06-21
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It is our pleasure to share with you our great experience taking part at the Erasmus+  KA1 International Mobility "Evenhanded opportunities for young people disabled" which took place from 2-8 June 2017  in Cagliari (Sardinia)  Italy.  Mobility gathered together 28 participants  from Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Romania, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Spain, Estonia, Great Britain, Italy and Latvia.

World Forum for Democracy 2017: call for applications

Posted: 2017-06-20
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Is Populism a problem?

The sixth edition of the Council of Europe’s World Forum for Democracy will engage with decision-makers, young people and opinion-formers to review novel initiatives and approaches which can enhance democratic practices and help parties and media, but also other political actors, to re-connect to citizens, make informed choices and function optimally in 21st century democracy.

Democracy Reloaded Study Visit

Posted: 2017-06-12
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Study Visit
22-27 October 2017 | Lisbon, Portugal


The aims of the Study Visit are to share and reflect on existing practices of youth participation in decision making at local level in order to elaborate on issues of quality in such practices.

10 фактов взрывающих мозг о Лондоне

Posted: 2017-06-06
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1. В Вестминстерском дворце.. незаконно умирать.
2. Биг Бен это колокол, а не часовая башня.
3. Названия улиц отжигают: "Ha Ha Road" (Ха ха дорога), Зёв Циклопа и Пьяная походка.
4. Карл Маркс написал "Капитал" в читальном зале Британского музея, а черновик Комунистического манифеста набросал в верхней комнате паба "Красный лев".
5. Оригинальный, построенный в средневековье Лондонский мост использовался на протяжении 600 лет.

... Читайте все факты далее. ..

Trends of Global Urban Development

Posted: 2017-06-02
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The planet has gone through a process of rapid urbanization over the past six decades. Urbanization is a process whereby populations move from rural to urban area, enabling cities and towns to grow.


Publication by Sintija Bernava

Nurettin Taşar: The European Unıon’s perspectıve on Turkey’s Refugee Polıcy

Posted: 2017-05-19
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Editor's note: Nurettin Taşar is a master student studying Middle Eastern Studies at the Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University in Turkey.


Syria Crisis is the biggest problem in the world Agenda which basically is focused on great powers war in Syria. In addition Syria Crisis had a great impact on the rise of the refugee crisis in that area. Considering the fact that the most of Syrian territory has been destroyed and half of the Syrian people have left the country. Some of Syrians who had valid passports have chosen to go to Turkey as a seek asylum.

Young artists and art lovers are invited to participate in the European Arts Forum 2017

Posted: 2017-05-15
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Following the immense success of the European Arts Forum held in Brussels last June, WYA Europe is delighted to announce its third edition. The European Arts Forum is a three-day long gathering that features a wide range of events, including an exhibition of the selected artworks, lectures by expert speakers, small group discussions, musical performances, presentations led by the participating young artists, an award ceremony, as well as meeting with decision-makers on the European level.


Posted: 2017-05-11
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Come and celebrate the 2017 European Youth Week! From 1 to 7 May hundreds of events will be taking place across Europe to inform young people about various EU mobility opportunities and highlight their rich contribution to Europe's challenges such as solidarity, inclusion, democracy and active citizenship.

Citizen Journalists on Tour - Countering Hate Speech

Posted: 2017-05-01
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Training Course
9-16 June 2017 | Trebnitz, Germany

Happy Labor Day 2017!!

Posted: 2017-05-01
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Dear Friends! Happy Labor day!!! Join the trade&labor unions: no one but us will protect our rights better! Wishing everyone a decent pay, good colleagues&interesting work!




Posted: 2017-04-23
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Supporting science means investing in the future!

Raising Awareness of Media Literacy in Youth Field

Posted: 2017-04-11
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Social media has become a part of young people lives thus to explore the different aspects and to raise awareness of media literary among young people five youth leaders from Latvia took part at the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange "Living with the Media: Sense & Sensibility" will which took place in Larnaca from  2 – 9  April 2017 together with other 30 youth field activists  from Greece, Italy  Cyprus, Romania, Serbia and Spain to share their knowledge and reflect on the role of media and its effect.

Pluto High Res / Новые снимки Плутона

Posted: 2017-04-10
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23 марта 2017-го года космический корабль NASA - New Horizons, он же Новые горизонты передал на Землю самые лучшие цветные снимки Плутона.

Алексей Весёлый: украинское танго на западе

Posted: 2017-04-07
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Безвизовый режим Украины и Евросоюза можно только поприветствовать: больше простых украинцев смогут путешествовать и приезжать в гости к нам в Ригу. Это здорово, ждём в гости, ведь у десятков, если не сотен тысяч латвийцев есть родственники в Украине.

Deepest condolences to the victims of St.Petersburg tragedy

Posted: 2017-04-04
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No one can prepare you for a loss; it comes like a swift wind. We are deeply saddened by the news from one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I would like to offer our prayers and condolences to all people, who lost their relatives in this awful day.

Aleksey Vesyoliy, editor.

Будущее ЕС просле Brexit: приоритеты, возможности и вызовы

Posted: 2017-03-31
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В Риге идёт активная дискуссия экспертов международных отношений, финансистов, бизнесменов и политиков на тему будущего Евросоюза после выхода Британии.

Новый поворот

Posted: 2017-03-29
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От редакции: новая публикация в блоге Антона Старостина.


25 марта 2017 года в Риме 27 странами Европейского союза была подписана юбилейная декларация.

В этой декларации впервые на таком уровне официально заявлено о том что скорость и интенсивность действий для достижения большей сплочённости и солидарности будет различна там где это необходимо.

IT-Careers for Youth!

Posted: 2017-03-20
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Partnership-building Activity

4-11 June 2017 | Utrecht, Netherlands


We invite youth workers who are interested in organizing IT-courses for young people in order to facilitate their international career to join the event!

We - Utrecht Consulting Group - are working on a new project - we organize courses in basic programming - java, iOS, Android and other fields - for youth without programming background. Further we help young people to look for the assignments in the Netherlands and other European countries.

We believe that nowadays, in the times of digital change, courses in basic programming can help young people to develop their career and facilitate international labor mobility.

João: Portugal the Haunted Paradise

Posted: 2017-03-02
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Portugal has been know as country for its climate, gastronomy, landscapes and beaches and also a country that  in XXI century lives in illusionism and unrealistic.

Training course "Youth Radicalization"

Posted: 2017-02-24
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The project will develop intercultural competence of adult learners and better communication skills in foreign language. The educational staff will get the opportunity to develop new methodology, test it on adult learners.

Short Study Visit: Sportive Step for Youth Participation

Posted: 2017-02-16
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Study Visit
17-22 April 2017 | İzmir, Turkey

The aim of the activity is to gather organizations and youthworkers that are from the sport field and to introduce them the examples of using sport as a tool in youthwork in Turkey.

Andreea Munteanu: know yourself, brand yourself

Posted: 2017-02-04
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Editor's note: Andreea Munteanu tells her vision on the concept of personal branding @ youth project Personal Branding 4EUth Employment: KNOW YOURSELF, BRAND YOURSELF!

Analytics: Improving relations between Chisinau and Tiraspol

Posted: 2017-01-16
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16 January 2017. PenzaNews. The leaders of Moldova and unrecognized Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (Transnistria) Igor Dodon and Vadim Krasnoselski held a working meeting in the city of Bender on 4 January 2017.