High-tech: Global contest on virtual reality development

Posted: 2017-01-06
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For those who are interested in Virtual Reality development! A global contest!


Sweden Virtual Reality began advertising an international VR contest on the 18th of November at, with the intention of finding VR talents from all over the world.

World Circular Economy Forum 2017

Posted: 2017-01-02
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Presenting the world's best circular economy solutions


The ground-breaking event of the year gathers together the most recognised experts and decision makers in the field and presents the world’s best circular economy solutions. Be at the epicentre of the circular economy with 1,200 key people at Finlandia Hall in Helsinki, Finland, on the 5th and 6th of June 2017.

Baltic-Russia Youth Forum 2016: Reviews and opinions

Posted: 2016-12-28
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New Year is very close and it's time summarize important events of the 2016. Baltic-Russia Youth Forum 2016 is great platform for dialogue between youth, experts and professionals from Baltic countries, Russia and many other countries, which are involved in NATO-Russia international relations. The forum took place in Vilnius from 2 till 5 November 2016. Vilnius is good place for dialogue – the city is historical crossroads between different nations, cultures and civilizations. There were a lot of very useful lectures, discussions and even working groups with unique experience for young participants, working together with experts.


Digital intelligence: how to prepare children for the digital age?

Posted: 2016-12-27
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How can we, as parents, educators and leaders, prepare our children for the digital age? Without a doubt, it is critical for us to equip them with digital intelligence.

Social entrepreneurship in India: Application for UnLtd Delhi Incubation

Posted: 2016-12-27
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For Indian social entrepreneurs!

Application for UnLtd Delhi Incubation program for cohort 2017 are now open! If you are social entrepreneur based in and around Delhi/NCR then this if for YOU!


Merry Christmas!!

Posted: 2016-12-23
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The wishes you all joyful, full of warmth and peaceful holiday season!

Merry Christmas!

The Art of Dialogue Training

Posted: 2016-12-23
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Training Course

19-23 March 2017 | Austria


The aim of the training is to support participants in getting a better understanding and useful analytical tools to analyse their local, regional and national realities when it comes to youth participation and the structured Dialogue.


Posted: 2016-12-19
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Check this out: 2016 WORLD PRESS FREEDOM INDEX by Reporters without border!


Помогать, учить и развиваться. Всё о Европейском корпусе солидарности

Posted: 2016-12-13
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Новая молодёжная инициатива Евросоюза на наднациональном уровне - "Европейский корпус солидарности". Миссия инициативы - собирать молодых людей вместе, чтобы построить более сплочённое общество, поддержать уязвимых и слабых людей и отвечать на вызовы общества.

A circular economy means systemic change

Posted: 2016-12-12
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Today the circular economy is a hot topic, but  what is it exactly?


Over the last six years, the amount of waste generated grew by 10 % a year. It is clear that we must stop this trend if we want to avoid being submerged by rubbish. Today, only around 40% of the waste produced by European Union households is recycled. One kilogram per person per day maybe does not sound a lot but across the whole of Europe each year it makes a total of around 200 million tonnes of waste to be appropriately treated  somehow, somewhere.

Europe back to work

Posted: 2016-12-11
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Since the global financial crisis, high youth-unemployment rates have been a problem across the world. One region that has been hit particularly hard by this problem is Europe. Overall, the European Union youth-unemployment rate is about 20%. However, there are countries with the highest rates: Greece, Spain, Croatia and Italy, their youth unemployment numbers  are among the highest in the world. The countries with relatively low youth-unemployment rates are: Denmark, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands. Unfortunately, the rate of youth unemployment in Europe is about twice as high as the rate for the general population with some studies suggesting that youth unemployment costs the European Union €100 billion every year.

Stereotype breakers! #ThisIs2016

Posted: 2016-11-29
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New York Times editor Michael Luo wrote an open letter to a woman who told him to "Go back to China" in October and started the hashtag, #thisis2016. Asians/Asian Americans across the nation responded to Luo and his encounter by using the hashtag and sharing stories of their own racist experiences. We decided to respond to the hashtag as well on Bowdoin's campus. These are all real statements, quotes and encounters that Bowdoin students have experienced recently. This is our version of #thisis2016.

Александра Берлинер: NGO2Business

Posted: 2016-11-24
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В период с 2 ноября 2016 года - 12 ноября 2016  на территории Литвы  состоялся международный учебный курс “NGO2Business”, который был направлен на обучение эффективному сотрудничеству некоммерческих организаций с бизнесом.  Тренинг проходил в учебном центре Daugirdiškes, примерно 40 км от столицы Вильнюс.

Arthur Conan Doyle: spirits in the material world

Posted: 2016-11-07
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Sherlock Holmes is literature’s greatest rationalist; his faith in material reality is absolute. In his certainty, he resembles his creator; but not in his materialism. From the beginning of his writing career, Doyle was fascinated by the spirit world. One of his favourite literary modes, the Gothic, allowed him to explore the world of spirits and the supernatural, of vengeful mummies and predatory vampires, of ghosts and necromancers. This was territory forbidden to Holmes on principle. Doyle, a consummate genre professional, knew what his audience wanted in Holmes: brilliant readings of urban reality from the one man able to comprehend the complexities of the sprawling metropolis of London. ‘No ghosts need apply,’ as Holmes himself says in The Sussex Vampire (which is not a vampire story at all, but a tale of domestic poisoning). As Doyle himself became drawn ever more closely into the world of the paranormal, he became increasingly frustrated with Holmes. He tried to kill him off, of course, in The Final Problem, as early as 1893. But Doyle, of all people, should have known that death is not the end. ‘I believe that if I had never touched Holmes, who has tended to obscure my higher work, my position in literature would at present be a more commanding one’, he wrote in frustration in his 1924 autobiography.

Learning to dream big for a better future of challenging youngsters

Posted: 2016-10-31
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There is no person with challenging behaviour but challenging behavior. We all want to feel included in everyday life, right? On various occasions  young people coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, that are institutionalized, have a disability or a mental illness tend to be treated only as a clinical case and have a solution prepared for them. These young people tend to have bleak future prospectives and are sometimes not even allowed to dream, have a vision or shape their own future.

4Rs concept to reduce plastic waste

Posted: 2016-10-30
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Plastic has become the most common material since the beginning of the 20th century and plastic packaging have become an important part of the global economy. Nearly everyone, everywhere, every day comes into contact with plastics.

International Youth Mobility On Healthy Life - Style receives Erasmus+ Good Practices Award 2016

Posted: 2016-10-10
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For the first time in the history of Portugal, the  Erasmus + Education and Training National Agency and Erasmus + Youth in Action National Agency   both managing the implementation of European Union’s Erasmus+ programme in Portugal  held an award ceremony of good practices of projects financially supported by Erasmus + Youth in Action and Erasmus + Education and Training program.   The award ceremony took place on the  International Day of Peace on 21st September, 2016  in Braga (Portugal).

The pet therapy from different perspective - animals as social facilitators

Posted: 2016-10-06
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It is our pleasure to share our great experience taking part at the Erasmus+  KA1 Mobility of youth workers  Training Course ’EuroPet Partners’’ which took place from 18-24 September 2016 in Cagliari (Sardinia) – Italy.  Project gathered together 33 educators, social workers, youth workers, trainers, volunteers interested into developing their skills, participants with fewer opportunities and special needs   (3 participants per country) from Italy, Turkey, Spain, Poland, Romania, Portugal, United Kingdom, Latvia, Slovenia, Sweden.

Два года анти-коррупционным реформам в Украине

Posted: 2016-10-06
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Осенью исполняется два года с того момента, как в Украине началась новая эпоха анти-коррупционных реформ. Под этой эгидой в Риге завершилась одноимённая публичная дискуссия от открытого общества «Delna» с фокусом на коррупцию политических партий. Латвийскую столицу посетили гости как из государственного, так и общественного сектора Украины, журналисты, правозащитники. Спустя два года пришло время выдохнуть и подвести итоги, посмотреть на вызовы и проблемы.

The Youth Council of my Dreams!

Posted: 2016-09-29
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Training Course

4-9 December 2016 | KEX Hostel - Reykjavik, Iceland

Deadline: 18 October 2016

I have a dream that one day all municipalities will have youth councils that empower youth to have a say in issues affecting their life. I have a dream that one day local government will make no decisions without collaboration with their youth councils.


Study Visit to the Hague

Posted: 2016-09-20
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Type of venue: Study Visit

When and where: 28 November - 2 December 2016 | the Hague, Netherlands


Study visit for youth leaders/youth workers to UN-institutions and other international organizations in the Hague to learn about their work and develop a network of youth organizations interested in working with international projects!


NGO Fundamentals

Posted: 2016-09-08
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Training Course

29 November - 5 December 2016 | Eskisehir, Turkey

Discuss, strengthen & develop “the model” for a sustainable youth NGO by focusing on topics such as organizational identity, organizational structure, activity planning, source management and sustainability.

Беженцы: уехать нельзя остаться

Posted: 2016-09-07
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На минувшей недели из новоприбывшей партии беженцев в 23 человека в Латвии остались только два человека. 21 беженец покинули Латвию и уехали в более обеспеченные западные страны, — в частности в Германию. Однако, несмотря на то, что беженцы уехали из Латвии — государство по прежнему платит им пособия (!).


Open call: GLOBSEC Young Europeans’ Forum 2016

Posted: 2016-08-23
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Bratislava, October 2016

As the European Union and Europe as a whole are facing unprecedented challenges, politicians, analysts, journalists as well as the general public keep looking for solutions and calling for thorough and strategic reforms for the Union. On this occasion we are seeking to engage exceptional young Europeans in the GLOBSEC Young Europeans’ Forum 2016, the CALL FOR APPLICANTS is now open until 11 September, midnight CET.

How to Raise Startup Funding in Europe (Free Webinar)

Posted: 2016-08-22
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If you have a startup idea or are building a startup that may look for funding, then don't miss this special event! On this free, interactive webinar, we will welcome the founder of one of Europe's top first-round funds to discuss how startups in the region can raise funding.