Почему Великобритания останется в Евросоюзе

Posted: 2016-06-03
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Я ничего не желал бы менять в Англии, кроме погоды. Оскар Уайльд


В контексте референдума о выходе Великобритании из ЕС Brexit сегодня говорят по всей географии Европы. Страсти — страстями, но для того, чтобы понимать почему вообще будет проходить референдум нужно понимать английскую политическую культуру. Политики могут нагнетать обстановку, но это не более чем игра.

Присоединяйся к новому музыкальному конкурсу, — Youthvision!

Posted: 2016-05-16
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Дорогие друзья! Присоединяйтесь к новому молодёжному международному музыкальному конкурсу Youthvision 2016 в Баку! Ждём коллективы из Латвии!


Profile of Young people’s health in the European Union

Posted: 2016-05-05
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The health status of each person in any age results from a combination of several factors: genetic characteristics, personal behaviour, socio-economic background and physical environment. The transition from childhood to adulthood is very specific period, thus  it is important to have a clear picture of the particular health condition and risks affected by biological, psychological,  economic, social and cultural circumstances.

World Press Freedom Day 3rd May: This is your right!

Posted: 2016-05-03
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“In politics, the pen is at its heaviest because it is weighed down by the collective responsibility it holds towards its people and their future in the eyes of the world.”

Aysha Taryam

Surviving—and Even Thriving—Through Tragedy

Posted: 2016-05-02
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Research shows that positive emotions lead to resilience.

Прогулка по этнографическому музею Закарпатья. Ужгород

Posted: 2016-04-10
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Этнографический музей Закарпатья расположился почти в самом центре Ужгорода, недалеко от старинного замка, который повидал многое на своём веку. Первое впечатление от музея, - почти как дома, в Риге, но чем глубже разбираешься в культуре, тем интереснее становится. Начать можно с того, что испокон веков в закарпатье проживали мирные люди, для которых быт и уют домашнего очага были впереди.

The Freedom Of The Press Struggling To Be Free

Posted: 2016-04-03
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Press freedom remains one of the most important and reliable guarantees of human rights. Good comeback in 2013.


In a European democratic society or even elsewhere, in any democratic society, it seems unthinkable that journalists would have to submit work to state censors before publication. But for journalists from Burma, a country in Southeast Asia, this was a normal process they had to go through before publishing any newspaper.

By Ana Maria Ducuta.

Novi Sad: Strategic partnerships and activities for promotion of youth work

Posted: 2016-03-19
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Full name of the project: Strategic partnerships and activities for promotion of youth sport work during the European Week of Sport


Training Course
31 May - 8 June 2016 | Novi Sad, Serbia
TC empowers youth sports workers to improve in their work by strategic networking and implementing youth sport work events for European Week of Sport as opportunities for “sport for all” activities, inclusion & intercultural acceptance in our communities.

Four cornerstones to battle youth unemployment

Posted: 2016-03-13
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The idea of a Youth Guarantee is becoming more popular across Europe: Sweden and Finland have already gone ahead.

Expedition - Designing Adventure in Rural Environment

Posted: 2016-03-10
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Training Course14-22 May 2016 | 

Daugirdiškės, Lithuania


You work as a youth worker in rural environment? Youngsters complain that there is nothing to do there? You want to use digital technologies and develop their adventure skills in the middle of nowhere? Then come to 'Expedition'!

Emmet Tuohy: The Real Fight for Ukraine’s Future

Posted: 2016-02-29
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As rain clouds sweep in from the west on a winter morning, the Ukrainian Black Sea town of Mykolayiv does not present the most welcoming picture. Up to three feet of standing water obscure the city’s main intersections, where stray dogs and homeless people rush to traverse four lanes of traffic before the next taxi driver hydroplanes through. Local newspapers are filled with advertisements touting the “dignified, legal pay” of $60 per month for janitorial work, or seeking “women 18-35” who can earn $120 per month as “online chat hostesses, English language skills preferred.”

Photo: Near city hall in Mykolayiv, Ukraine, a large mural declares, “Wherever Ukraine lives, peace prevails.” Credit: Emmet Tuohy

Once upon today... in Europe

Posted: 2016-02-17
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Training Course15-21 April 2016 | Krzyzowa, Poland


"Once upon today... in Europe" is an international training on how to work with historical narratives in non-formal youth education in the International Youth Meeting Center in Krzyzowa (Poland).

Ana Maria Ducuta: Personal identity in a globalized world — a myth?

Posted: 2016-02-12
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Isn't globalization a great multi-layered threat to the very fundament of our psyche — our identities? Ana Maria Ducuta argues that we need to "keep our selves".


In times of globalization, the high interconnectedness of social, economic and political factors is both a reality and a challenge.


Julia Vainio: reflection on the situation with refugees in Europe

Posted: 2016-02-02
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Julia Vainio from Finnland reflects on the situation with refugees in Europe from the Finn's and political science student perspective.

Ilusions: how to improve your leader skills

Posted: 2016-01-30
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Siesta?! No, it's Training Course in Spain!!

10-15 May 2016 | Ceuta, Spain

An important priority for the European Commission is to give young people with fewer opportunities access to the Erasmus +:Youth in Action Program. The aim of this TC is to promote new inclusion projects with higher quality and new cooperation networks.The main aim of this TC is to promote new inclusion projects with higher quality and new cooperation networks.

Армия безработной молодёжи: миф или реальность

Posted: 2016-01-30
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Легко ли быть молодым и трудоустроенным в Евросоюзе? Если посмотреть на официальную статистику безработной молодёжи в ЕС, то общее число с лихвой перебьёт любую современную армию или маленькое государство. Так, только в одной Латвии более 50 тысяч безработной молодёжи. Представьте, это мог бы быть пятый по величине город в нашей стране. Но настолько ли ситуация драматичная как то показывают цифры, — ответ не очевидный. 

Looking Into Food Paradise with Empty Stomach

Posted: 2016-01-23
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According to a recent studies of  the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations about a third of all food produced globally for human consumption is lost or wasted. Around 100 million tonnes of food are wasted every year in the European Union. Food waste, including water, land, energy, labour and capital and needlessly produce greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to global warming and climate change. If nothing will be done, food waste in European Union could rise to over 120 million tonnes by 2020.

2016 and the European Union - getting strong together?

Posted: 2016-01-18
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Editor's note: Ana Maria Ducuta, PhD candidate in History and also popular writer reflects on the sensitive EU issue.


2016 is the year of the Monkey in the Chinese horoscope. Following the footsteps of an explosive 2015, new major challenges for the European Union are coming. 2016 will be the year of answers, weather diplomatic or military, of challenges and solutions, but most of all, the year of reshaping political and social identities on the European agenda. It is becoming more clear that any lack in the European policies can hurt the stability of the European Union more than ever and that it can damage its values in a very hurtful manner.

Old Vs Young. The portrait of an ageing Europe

Posted: 2016-01-11
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Ageing is one of the European Union’s main demographic challenges. European Union is continuing to age and number of children and young people has been decreasing continuously over recent years.  Eurostat -the statistical office of the European Union — carries out annual collections of demography data from national statistical authorities, including statistics concerning population.   In 2015, the European Union population reached population 508 million people and the  number of elderly people (aged 65 or more) has been exceeding the number of children since 2004.

Happy New Year 2016

Posted: 2015-12-31
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Make New Year's goals. Dig within, and discover what you would like to have happen in your life this year. This helps you do your part. It is an affirmation that you're interested in fully living life in the year to come. 

Open call for the European Peace Summit 2016

Posted: 2015-12-29
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The 1st European Peace Summit is organized in the frames of Peace Revolution, from World Peace Initiative Foundation. Peace Revolution is a free online self-development project aiming to promote a culture of peace through the practice of mindfulness and meditation. Peace Revolution’s slogan, Peace In Peace Out, stands for each individual’s choice to be the change they want to see in the world. So, through individual mindful action, we can make sustainable world peace a tangible reality.


Milda Ezerskyte: Each country should find it's own way to integrate refugees

Posted: 2015-12-18
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What is the future of Schengen zone and secrets of of successful integration of the refugees? Today we have interview with Milda Ezerskyte, representative of the Danish project "Integrationsnet", she is also expert in the refugees integration, has practical background of working with them. Milda participated in the My!Europe conference 2015 as a speaker and agreed to share her views with us. 

By Aleksey Vesyoliy for the, 18.12.2015.

Киев не перестает удивлять. 4 видео + фото

Posted: 2015-12-06
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Киев не перестает удивлять!

"Центр Киева - БТР и младенец. Киев не перестает удивлять. Что случилось в центре столицы? Откуда столько боевой техники? Прохожие с детьми только и успевают снимать это на видео", — пишет Оксана, наш активист в Киеве.

Инфографика: Атомная энергия в Европе

Posted: 2015-12-01
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Начиная с Фукусимы Европа разделилась в подходе по атомной энергии. На востоке расщепление атомов всё ещё популярно..

Children in Europe are at risk of poverty and social exclusion

Posted: 2015-11-26
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Current economic, financial and social crisis is creating an increase in relative and absolute child poverty and social exclusion across the European Union and beyond its borders. Of the estimated 2.2 billion children worldwide, about a billion, or every second child,  live in poverty. 22 000 children die each day due to povery, according to UNICEF data. Even in countries that have experienced economic growth in recent years, the gap between rich and poor is increasing.