Building Bridges between Different Cultures and Religions

After a very successful 1st edition of Erasmus+ mobility promoting intercultural dialogue in 2015, where 60 participants gathered in Turin to join the muslin community on the holy month of Ramadan, the project team made decision to organize the next edition and just as summer was ending six young people from Latvia embarked on an Erasmus+ KA1 mobility "GISR ATAKAFAT II" in Turin, Italy.

The projects objective was to share opinions and experiences about migration, and discuss how each participating country is dealing with newcomers, and also to see how migration has formed Turin to what it is today.


Project "GISR ATAKAFAT II"  presented new approaches towards intercultural dialogue and tolerance.

Practical activities using a pattern different from that traditional in which the foreigner is the only person who exerts the effort to enable the integration process to take place, introduced the culture and customs of the immigrants who live there. This project also opened new topics and discussions that young people rarely think about, and made them look beyond themselves and think about others people’s lives and experiences.