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  • Journey to Artsakh. Part 2. UNESCO hidden heritage in Shushi

    Posted: 2018-02-21
    Written by: EU Network


    As journey to Artsakh continues we discovered local administrative center - Shushi. It was one of the two main Armenian cities of the Transcaucasus and the center of a self-governing Armenian principality from medieval times. Shushi is legendary town, because it survived many wars one can't even imagine.

  • Training Course: Social entrepreneurship for change

    Posted: 2018-02-20
    Written by: EU Network

    21-29 July 2018 | Sleepy Lion Hostel, Leipzig, Germany


    The main aim of the project is to increase the quality of youth work services for migrants and refugees by equipping youth workers (coordinators, facilitators, mentors) with competencies necessary for development of social entrepreneurship ideas and projects.

  • Journey to Artsakh. Part 1.

    Posted: 2018-02-19
    Written by: EU Network


    For the three days, together with a group of journalists, I went to discover the unknown land for me — Artsakh, which is also famous as Nagorno-Karabakh. Our journey started on a minibus in Yerevan, the driver is very experienced, swiftly maneuvered through mountain passes. Thanks to highlander-driver we never fell into a ditch or flew to the abyss, instead we were flying over mountains pretty swift. That's exactly what our journey was: full of adventures!

  • Общество “ERFOLG” приглашает на бесплатные курсы по интеграции в Даугавпилсе

    Posted: 2018-02-15
    Written by: EU Network


    Общество “ERFOLG” организует курсы по интеграции, цель которых предоставить учащимся актуальную и полезную информацию о латвийском государстве, которая поможет участникам успешно жить в Латвии.   Участвовать в курсе могут  граждане других стран с видом на жительство в Латвии.  Длительность курса – 30 часов. Занятия будут проходить полтора месяца,  два раза в неделю. В 2018 году планируются 3 группы, первый курс занятий начнется 7 марта.

  • Latvijas bērnu zīmējumu izstāde Japānā

    Posted: 2018-02-07
    Written by: EU Network


    Patiess pagodinājums, ka Latvijas bērnu radošie talanti tiek novērtēti, jo īpaši tik tālās zemēs kā Japāna un daudzveidīgie Latvijas bērnu zīmējumi bija apskatāmi Japānas National Center for Child Health and Development slimnīcā Tokijā, kas  ir modernākā un lielākā bērnu slimnīca Japānā un viena no modernākajām bērnu slimnīcām pasaulē.

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