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  • Platform with voting system for mass media has been launched

    Posted: 2017-10-17
    Written by: EU Network


    Company Random Solutions announces launching of the multifunctional platform Electo – it is a resource for creating interactive polls in order to receive precise information about the media audience opinion.

  • WFYS 2017. Part 1. One day in Ekaterinburg.

    Posted: 2017-10-15
    Written by: EU Network


    It was pretty fun day. I visited URAL and Ekaterinburg for the first time. I opened Ekaterinburg for myself as part of regional program from WFYS2017. The city welcomed us at the airport with bread and salt - old russian tradition to welcome guests. Ekaterinburg is a big city, with more than million people living in it. Big and wide streets, metro, a lot of frsh air, feels like at mountains. Comparing to Riga it's not cold here at all, climate very continetal. So, when it's zero degree Celcium it doesn't feel cold. Architecture of city is mixed with buildings from Western and Eastern fixtures. Traffic is pretty heavy, especially during the day and after work - in the evening.

  • The Power of Non Formal Education

    Posted: 2017-10-13
    Written by: EU Network


    Training Course, 23-28 January 2018 | Turin, Italy. Improving the impact of Non Formal Education (NFE), principles and methods in creating empowerment opportunities for young people as real actors of the society (from local to Europe).

  • Жить «на клубнике» или на родине

    Posted: 2017-10-12
    Written by: EU Network


    Вы заметили, как быстро сменяют один за другим события в Европе? Мир буквально бурлит! Тем не менее, социальные науки всё время дают ответы на вызовы современности. Казалось бы, в какой-то момент насилия в Каталонии не избежать, но всё таки конфликт удалось решить мирным путём. Пока, по крайней мере.

  • Me Estuda, Me Trabalha

    Posted: 2017-10-11
    Written by: EU Network


    How much do we know about NEET? What does NEETs mean?
    The transition from school to work has never been particularly easy; but for millions of people it has become nearly impossible.

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